Can you buy a cell phone in the US and activate it in China?

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How to Activate a Cell Phone?

When you sign up with a cell phone provider, or replace your existing phone, your provider should activate the phone for you. In some cases, such as purchasing a pre-paid phone or buying a phone fr... Read More »

Can you activate an old cell phone?

You can activate an old cell phone by switching its SIM card with that of either an unlocked, new or used phone with a functioning card. Place the working SIM card into the phone you wish to activa... Read More »

How to Activate Your Cell Phone for Free?

When you purchase a new cell phone and you are under contract with a service provider, you must activate the cell phone before you can use it the same way you used your old phone. Luckily, if you w... Read More »

How do I activate a Telus cell phone?

Navigate to the Telus mobility website: Select your province, choose your payment plan, then click the "Activate" button under the chosen plan.Read the terms of your rate plan, m... Read More »