Can you buy Salvinorin A active substance of Salvia separately?

Answer Salvinorin A is available both pure and pure salvinorin placed on leaf carrier, but it is generally much harder to find than simple leaf extracts.

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If prenatal exposure to a substance leads to birth defects the substance is called a?

How many major active active-duty air force bases are there in north Carolina?

Two: Pope AFB - near Fayetteville, and adjacent to Fort Bragg. Seymour Johnson AFB - near Goldsboro.

45 yrs old, disabled vet (50% Knees, feet Perm Tendonitis) want to go back active duty. served 14 yrs active.?

Why don't you try the National guard, It will go towards your retirement, Or get a job at the Post Office if you can. it will go towards it also. I really don't think you can go back unless your a ... Read More »

Can you switch from active army to active guard?

Not until your current enlistment expires. After that, you can reenlist into the National Guard and apply for an AGR position, although I can tell you they're not particularly easy to get.