Can you buy A2 scanners for domestic uses?

Answer HiYes you can buy them for whatever use. I own one of them since I often work from my home.Here is a good link.....…

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Practical Uses for Scanners?

Computer scanners use a light source to bounce light off of a subject and then convert the reflection of the image into a computer file. Scanners are available in two main types: flatbed and sheet-... Read More »

Uses for Document Scanners?

A document scanner, often simply called a scanner, is a device that is able to create a digital image of a physical document and send the image to a computer. Document scanning capability is often... Read More »

Types of OCR Scanners?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a type of software that attempts to read the text recorded in an image. OCR works by recognizing printed letters and other symbols as discrete entities as ... Read More »

Scanners makes?

Assuming u want the brand names who make scanners... here they are:HPUMAXCannonMustekEpsonIRIS pen scannerVisioneerXeroxand HP or Cannon are usually the most prefered scanners. Buy flatbet scanner,... Read More »