Can you buy A2 scanners for domestic uses?

Answer HiYes you can buy them for whatever use. I own one of them since I often work from my home.Here is a good link.....…

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How are scanners used?

An optical scanner, also known as an image scanner, is an electronic device that is able to produce a digital image of a physical document and send the image to be stored and viewed on a computer.P... Read More »

Do they have scanners?

Well it will depend on the library really, but yes some do have scanners, although there is a general limit on the amount of pages you can scan for a copyrighted book or document.thanks hope that h... Read More »

ID scanners can you use the same ID twice?

not quite the scanners this category usually deals with (computer scanners) but .... Quite possibly yes, but that assumes they scan the people out as well as in. If in only one direction you may ge... Read More »

Please help me! What do I need to know about scanners?

First, you need to know your local area frequencies and radio systems. You can do this by going to RadioReference's online database. Once there, you can click on your ... Read More »