Can you burn walnut wood?

Answer All wood burns, including walnut. According to Master Sweep, walnut is considered a hardwood that burns hotter and longer than softwood. Wet or green wood is sometimes difficult to burn so look for... Read More »

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Can you burn black walnut?

The black walnut tree is highly resistant to fire in the wild. As firewood, black walnut burns cooler than other wood but lasts through the night. A black walnut log can burn just as long as a log ... Read More »

How to Dry Walnut Wood?

Wood contains moisture that must be removed before it is suitable for use as lumber. Water can make up half the weight of wood before it's dried. If wood is not properly dried before using it as bu... Read More »

What color is walnut wood?

The sapwood, or the outer part of the walnut tree, is creamy white. The heartwood, or the inner part of the tree, is much darker and more chocolate in color. If it is kiln-dried it becomes a dull b... Read More »

Walnut Vs. Cherry Wood?

Walnut and cherry are two North American hardwoods used in making furniture, cabinetry and veneers. These two woods show different color, texture and aging properties. Both woods are strong and dur... Read More »