Can you burn rubbish in your garden?

Answer Yes you can, however, there are rules and regs to follow as with anything these days. Also if you have neighbours they will probably complain!!

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Can I burn garden waste in my my back garden Or what is the best way to get rid of it.?

Recycle it. Doesn't your council have a scheme? Mine collects from house, composts it, then sells it back to homeowners! Great scheme. This is in UK!

Can you burn wood in a garden?

well u would mess up the garden and its a waste

Is it illegal to burn car tyres at the bottom of your garden?

How do you stop the spread of garden diseases if you cannot burn or send clippings to land-fill?

You can use an incinerator sometimes, as these are controlled fires. They llok like dustbins with a chimney in the lid, raising legs and holes for air circulation. As long as you are not burning to... Read More »