Can you burn rubbish in your garden?

Answer Yes you can, however, there are rules and regs to follow as with anything these days. Also if you have neighbours they will probably complain!!

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Is it illegal to burn car tyres at the bottom of your garden?

Can I burn garden waste in my my back garden Or what is the best way to get rid of it.?

Recycle it. Doesn't your council have a scheme? Mine collects from house, composts it, then sells it back to homeowners! Great scheme. This is in UK!

If you caught someone throwing rubbish down your chimney, would you blow your stack?

That happened to me once and I flue into a rage. I was absolutely fuming, I could have knocked him off the face of this hearth!

How to Dump Your Spiritual Rubbish?

Everyone has spiritual rubbish fouling up their mind.  Here is a way to rid yourself of it, very fast.