Can you burn ps1 games?

Answer According to I-Hacked, you can burn PlayStation 1 games with any CD writer drive and burning software. Some pieces of software, such as Game Copy Wizard, offer to streamline the process. Just remem... Read More »

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How to Burn PC Games on CD?

Although it is not possible to burn a copy of a CD game (these discs are typically write protected) it is possible to copy PC games downloaded to a computer before installation. This allows you to ... Read More »

How to Burn Wii ISO Games?

ISO images are files that contain all the data of a CD image or DVD image. This includes but is not limited to movies, software and even video games. Many video gamers don't like to use the origina... Read More »

How to burn games to a 700 mb Cd?

If you want to burn a 4gb game onto a cd you will need to buy one of the 5gb (4.7 actual gb) CD DVD things. If you want to burn it like a real game cd then you will need to copy all of the files o... Read More »

How to Burn CD Games on a Computer?

Most computers are capable of copying a game CD. Some game CDs have copy protection that makes it impossible to copy the CD. Other games, however, allow the copy of a back-up disc. Remember, it is ... Read More »