Can you burn firewood in a gas log fireplace?

Answer You cannot burn firewood in a gas log fireplace; however, you can burn either gas logs or firewood in a traditional fireplace with a gas insert. A gas log fireplace is specifically designed for gas... Read More »

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How to Dry & Burn Firewood?

Wet firewood is an inefficient fuel. It's possible to light damp wood on fire, but it takes longer because the heat has to drive out the moisture first, and the fire produces more smoke and soot. D... Read More »

Can You Burn Willow Firewood?

Willow, considered a softwood, is generally not sold by firewood retailers, according to the Firewood website. While softwoods burn less efficiently than hardwoods, there is no reason they cannot b... Read More »

How to Burn Firewood With Moss Growing on It?

Almost any type of wood can be used to start a fire as long as it is dry and has not begun to rot. Moss on dry wood should not be a deterrent. In fact, dry moss is a great source of kindling. If th... Read More »

Is it safe to burn firewood with mold on it?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency advises against burning moldy, rotten or diseased wood. In addition, never burn painted wood, particle board, pressure-treated wood or ocean driftw... Read More »