Can you burn audio on DVD?

Answer While you cannot burn audio onto a DVD and play it in a traditional CD player, you can burn audio files in formats such as MP3 onto DVDs that can then be played in computers and some DVD players. T... Read More »

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How to Burn an Audio CD on Mac OS X?

Most Macintosh computers now can burn CD's. It is fairly easy and straightforward to burn a data CD, but it is sometimes more difficult to burn a music CD. Just read this quick tutorial to learn how.

How do I burn an audio DVD to a CD?

Single DriveMake sure the information on the DVD will fit onto one CD. A DVD typically can hold more than 4 gigabytes of information, but a CD holds only about 700 megabits of information. If the a... Read More »

How to Burn an Audio CD on XP?

Burning an audio CD is a way to transfer music from your computer directly to a compact disc that can be played in a CD player. Your computer must have a CD-burning drive to do this. Microsoft Wind... Read More »

How to Burn WMA to an Audio CD?

WMA, short for Windows Media Audio, is a commonly used audio format. The easiest and perhaps most convenient way to burn WMA files is by using Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player allows you ... Read More »