Can you burn a movie from your computer onto a dvd without a dvd burner?

Answer Not without connecting your computer to a stand-alone DVD recorder.This can be done if you have a video card with TV out.

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What software do I use to burn photographs downloaded onto computer from camera onto a disk like a CD or DVD?

Answer If this is on an Apple computer, I can't help you, but purportedly they have built in software to do this. If your computer is running Windows XP or Vista and you just want to save picture... Read More »

Can you burn DVD's on your comp. without DVD burner?

You don't "burn" a dvd to your computer ... you copy it ... so yes you can copy the DVD to your computer without a burner ... but you do need a DVD ROM (reader) ... you may need to download softwar... Read More »

Can you burn cds with a dvd burner on your computer?

Most likely yes.... Most DVD burners are capable of burning a cd as well. Try using Nero software.However , the answer could be no b/c we have no idea what kind of equipment you have.

How to Burn Movie Files From Your Computer to DVD?

Digital movie files can be used in a variety of ways on your computer. Movie files that are in digital format can be viewed in media players, edited in video editing programs, uploaded to the Inter... Read More »