Can you brush dentures?

Answer Dentures can and should be brushed daily while not in use. A brush designed for use with dentures is best, but a regular toothbrush with soft bristles can also be used, as well as a cleaner meant f... Read More »

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Is it necessary to brush dentures?

Dentures should be brushed and cleaned just like natural teeth. The correct way to clean dentures is to gently brush them with a soft toothbrush and soap and water, over a bowl of water or a towel,... Read More »

Can I brush dentures with regular toothpaste?

Dentures should be brushed with soap and water, and then thoroughly rinsed with water. Denture solutions or cleaning tablets are other options. Toothpaste should be avoided when cleaning dentures b... Read More »

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What is the difference between a badger brush&a goat hair brush?

Badger bristle brushes and goat hair brushes have notable differences. Appearance, texture and usages vary. Countries of origin also differ. It is ultimately the artist's preferences when it comes ... Read More »