Can you bruise your ear?

Answer Believe it or not, but you have blood vessels in your ear. If enough force hits it, you will bruise just like how you would on any other part of your body.

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Bruise That Won't Go Away?

aw this made me really sad, I would give you a million hugs if I could

How to Ice a Bruise?

A bruise occurs when you bump into, or a bumped by, something and the soft tissue undergoes trauma. Small veins, or capillaries, right under the skin break leading red blood cells to escape and acc... Read More »

Bruise please HELP me?

ice could put one of those icy-hot pads on itor you could rub icy-hot cream on iticy-hot is the same as Bengey for the most part, but bengey is a little more smelly and burns a bit more (at ... Read More »

I have a bruise on my arm!?

The most probably cause of the bruise is alien abduction. You can't remember because they erased your memory. Either that or your cat bit you when you were sleeping. But, I'll put my money on th... Read More »