Can you bring a walkman headphone set and CD scasesets on board a flight?


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Can you bring prescription cough medicines on board a Delta flight?

Cough medicine can be put in checked luggage. If you need to take more than 3 oz. of cough medicine on the plane, you will need to declare the cough medicine at the security checkpoint. Declaring t... Read More »

Can i bring a Walkman on a plane?

A Walkman is allowed on airplanes, according to the Transportation Security Administration. This approved portable electronic device can be brought in a carry-on bag. It must remain shut off during... Read More »

Can I bring an LCD TV in flight?

LCD TVs are not included on the Transportation Security Administration's list of "Prohibited Items." However, passengers are encouraged to inquire with the airline they are traveling on about the c... Read More »

Can I bring lotion on my flight?

Lotion may be brought onto a plane in your carry-on luggage as long as it is in a 3.4 oz. bottle or smaller and contained in a quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag. One of these bags is allowed... Read More »