Can you bring a plant back alive?

Answer not if its all deaduse a defibrillator

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How do you keep a cilantro plant alive?

I have a cilantro plant in a pot placed next to my kitchen window and it does great! I only water it when it gets wilty and make sure to pinch it before it flowers or gets too weedy looking.

How to Keep a Basil Plant Alive?

Basil is one of the most popular culinary herbs to grow as it gives a wonderful flavor to so many dishes. Basil is most known for its use in Italian cooking. It is used to in pesto, spaghetti sauce... Read More »

R&P...I am alive and back home...?

Daniel!!!!!!!!!!I gotta tell you again, So glad to hear everything went well!!!I was worried about my ;)Take care and relax!*hugs*:)

Is it legal to bring plant seed from other countries into the U.S.?

It is legal to bring most plant seeds from other countries into the United States, but it depends greatly on the type of seed you wish to import. All seeds and plants must be declared to the U. S. ... Read More »