Can you breastfeed if you have the flu?

Answer On One Hand: Moms Don't Want to Spread GermsMost breastfeeding mothers worry that they will pass their germs along to the baby by breastfeeding. The transfer of bodily fluids is one of the main way... Read More »

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Is it possible to breastfeed a baby after a month of not being breastfeed?

Yes, if you still have milk in your breasts and if the baby still wants to nurse.

Have you choosen NOT to breastfeed And why?

i chose not to breastfeed because it was giving me anxiety attacks everytime I thought about it. I have a few problems with my back and I think all my worrying about it all just became too much!! I... Read More »

Can you still breastfeed after you have stopped?

Yes, the same process that can cause a woman who has never breastfed to start producing milk can be used on a woman who has breastfed, Physical stimulation (Pumping/sucking) or hormonal via drugs/... Read More »

Can i breastfeed your child if you have a fever?

Yes, you can. However, make sure you wash your hands well before handling the child and do not cough or sneeze in the child's face. Make sure you drink lots of liquids and limit your intake of medi... Read More »