Can you break your thumb by stepping on it?

Answer Probably, but I know it takes 14 pounds of pressure to break your collar bone and I know that bones of the fingers a more durable then that. Depending on how hard they stomped depends on whether th... Read More »

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How to break your thumb?

here's three 1. use a hammer2. slam the door on your thumb3. drop weights on your thumb

How can i break my thumb more?

They won't care if you tell them the truth. Just say it was a false call. People won't hold a grudge against you because they were expecting you to get a cast, lol. It'll be old news within the ... Read More »

If you break your thumb do you get a cast?

If you break your thumb you usually get a cast that runs along your arm and covers your thumb, although sometimes they may also give you another cast which includes a metal frame that runs along yo... Read More »

What is the easiest and least painful way to break your thumb?

Stick it in up your butt and have a friend kick your as$