Can you borrow money against your pension?

Answer On One Hand: Borrowing Depends on the Provisions of the PlanFor the purposes of this article, the term "pension" is considered synonymous with the term "retirement plans," so it would refer to othe... Read More »

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How to Borrow Money From a Pension to Start a Business?

Pensions are retirement plans offered by some employers. These are similar to 401(k)s and IRAs, but usually the accounts are only opened by employers, not individuals. As such, there are often prop... Read More »

Can You Borrow Money Against a Trust?

A trust account is a legal instrument that one person puts in place to hold funds until, upon his death, they go to the named beneficiary. Trusts can also be used as a savings account, as some trus... Read More »

Can you borrow money against an inheritance?

Some companies will offer a loan based on an expected inheritance. The person who is going to inherit money can also borrow money from the person leaving the inheritance and decrease his inheritanc... Read More »

Is it smart to borrow money against a 401k?

On One Hand: Decreased Retirement SavingsWhen you borrow from your 401k, you reduce your potential retirement savings since you can no longer earn interest on the borrowed money. You lose the tax b... Read More »