Can you borrow from a teacher's retirement account?

Answer Generally, a teacher can borrow up to 75 percent of the deposited amount and any interest that has been made to date. The interest rate is generally lower than a standard personal loan rate from a ... Read More »

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Can I borrow from my retirement to avoid a foreclosure?

On One Hand: Yes, You Can Borrow from Your RetirementMost IRAs or 401k plans will allow you to make withdrawals to avoid a foreclosure or any other hardship. Moreover, you can take out a loan from ... Read More »

Should an Investment Club Open an Individual Retirement Account or Joint Account?

Biostatistics, according to Webster's New World Dictionary, is the science that applies the methods of statistics to biological data. Writing a biostatistical report follows the same conventions as... Read More »

Should an investment club open an individual retirement account or joint account?

On One Hand: Limited BenefitsIRAs and joint accounts have very little benefits for an investment club. IRAs are used to facilitate tax-deferred retirement savings for individuals, while a joint acc... Read More »

Can I borrow against my IRA account?

You cannot borrow against your IRA, but you can temporarily withdraw money from it. However, you will face penalties and taxes if you do not redeposit the money in the same IRA or a new one within ... Read More »