Can you boot from a usb hdd?

Answer A computer can boot from a USB hard disk drive. To do so, the internal hard drive must be disconnected and the USB hard disk drive must be partitioned and formatted.Source:DIY Computer Repair: Make... Read More »

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Can i boot ubuntu from CD and install it, if i can't Boot XP at all?

Yes you can! Ubuntu is a great (and maybe the most easiest) way to get your files back from a laptop or PC!Just download UBuntu here… and choose for a CD ... Read More »

How do I make a boot cd from a boot floppy?

CopyGo to the Start menu. Right click on the menu, and choose "Open Windows Explorer" or "Explore" in Windows XP. Insert the boot floppy in the floppy drive. Copy the files from the floppy disk int... Read More »

How to Boot a T400 from a Boot Disk?

The ThinkPad T400 is a laptop computer designed by Lenovo, which is a subsidiary of IBM. A "boot disk" is a type of CD-ROM or DVD-ROM that you can use to boot your computer instead of your normal h... Read More »

Can you boot the PS3 from a CD?

Playstation 3 will boot from three types of CD. You can boot a PS3 from a Playstation 1 game CD, a system update CD or a PS3 format Linux installer CD. None of these will boot your PS3 to its main ... Read More »