Can you block people on iMessage?

Answer Well I tried but doesn't work I'm sorry , but the only thing is create another email and tell everyone about the new one except that random guy you talked about... This is what I don't like the iM... Read More »

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IMessage not working with certain people?

Ugh, so annoying. That was happening for with me with FaceTime. You should try the Rounds app - -- it has video call and messaging but it's not an iOS-only app which for some ... Read More »

How Do You Change Other People's Names On iMessage On The iPod Touch 5?

go to the top of the convo. then save the person as a contact. there you can put in their name and more stuff like phone #, adress, etc. hope that helped!

How to block people on fb from profile pic?

open up your profile picture, and then use the audience selector for it and set it to "me only" to prevent people from being able to click it

Can people that you do block on Last Fm still contract you?

If they're good enough at trolling yeah they'll figure out a way. Personally I just ignore fools like the ones I know you are speaking of because they are far too insignificant to ever bother me. T... Read More »