Can you block incoming calls on iphone 4?

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How do you block certain incoming calls on an iPhone 4S?

you simpily cannot. the most you can do is reject a call

How do i block number on my phone, incoming calls?

Don't know what phone you have, but there are apps. for just about any phone for call blocking.! Just go to Google and enter your phone name and 'call blocking apps.'

What can be used to block incoming calls on a Sprint phone?

Certain Sprint cell phones have the option to block incoming calls directly from the phone. If not, you may contact Sprint directly to block certain phone numbers or to block all incoming phone cal... Read More »

Is it possible to block certain (nuisance) incoming calls by their numbers on BT?

BT has two services to block unwanted calls.1) Anonymous Call Rejection - prevents any ringing if the caller uses 'number withheld' (but this costs 4 pounds a month).2) Choose To Refuse - prevents ... Read More »