Can you blind a dog by a camera flash?

Answer no you can`t, i`ve tried it with my dog and nothing happened... XD

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When I shut my eyes at night, I see white flashes - like a camera flash. Am I going blind?

Yep, I would definitely go to an eye doctor and get a retinal exam immediately. Flashes are one of the primary symptoms of a retinal detachment, and retinal detachment can easily blind you.

What the Difference between digital camera flash and film camera flash?

Mostly trigger voltage is different.Older film flashes used higher voltages, which if used with newer digital cameras can fry the sensitive circuitry in it.A good practice to follow would be to buy... Read More »

My sony camera blinks a yellow light at me when I'm trying to use the flash and it doesn't flash.?

Have you searched diligently through the owner's manual for an answer? I suggest starting there.

Nikon D5000 and Nikon SB600 Flash How do I set up flash to flash without being on camera?

Gohaleg is right except for one minor detail: the SB-600 doesn't have a commander mode. You'll need either an SB-800 or SB-900 as commander. The 600 can only be a remote.If you're close enough, you... Read More »