Can you become a police officer with a military discharge?

Answer Each police department has its own set of hiring standards with regard to experience. As a general rule, most police departments welcome former service men and women with honorable discharge. Thos... Read More »

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Can you still be a police officer with a medical discharge from the military?

Yes, so long as you're able to perform the duties required of you as a police officer.Added: You can expect to undergo a particularly rigorous medical examination covering the specific area(s) that... Read More »

Some police departments require for 2 years military experience and a honarary discharge. Could you get the military experience and the honarary discharge from the Army Reserve or the Coast Guard?

Yes, you can. Since the Army reserve is still a part of the military it will still give you the military experience and the honorable discharge. You may even deploy to Iraq/Afghanistan. The Coast G... Read More »

Military When a officer get a Discharge it said other than honorable general condition is he entitle to severance pay from the military?

Military Police Officer Duties?

The United States armed forces offer a wide array of career paths and service positions. Clearly some positions in the U.S. armed forces require specialized skills and knowledge. For personnel who ... Read More »