Can you beat the World 7 castle in"New Super Mario Bros. DS"with Mega Mario?

Answer Yes, you can beat the castle of World 7 in "New Super Mario Bros. DS" by using a Mega Mushroom. Obtain the mushroom from Mega Toad's house north of stage 7-1 and save it until you get to the castle... Read More »

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How to Win New Super Mario Bros World 8 Castle 1?

In 2006, Nintendo released the first side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. game since the Super Nintendo versions in 1990s. Called "New Super Mario Bros.", the game is available for the Nintendo DS and ... Read More »

How to Beat Bowser in Super Mario World?

Bowser is the main villain and last enemy to be defeated in Super Mario World. Other names for Bowser include King Koopa and Bowser Koopa. The character is a reptile. Beating Bowser is not easy, es... Read More »

How to Beat Vanilla Ghost House in Super Mario World?

The Vanilla Ghost House is a ghost house found in the Vanilla Dome world of Super Mario World. It can be accessed by completing Vanilla Dome 2 through the Giant Gate. By completing this level, the ... Read More »

How to Beat Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor World in Super Mario Galaxy?

In "Super Mario Galaxy" for the Nintendo Wii, Mario must yet again save Princess Peach from the clutches of villainous Bowser. This time he travels through space, leaping from planet to planet to o... Read More »