Can you beat me in the Wikipedia Hitler game?

Answer Oh! My random article was Hitler (fancy that!)Looks like I win.

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Why do others look things upIt's not a beat you to Wikipedia competion.?

Some don't know how to lookup what they need to know. And really don't you want the right answer to what you ask.... And not just alot of fluff. ^~PC~Guru~^

Dahak is the true father of Adolf Hitler Alois Hitler was just Adolf's surrogate father?

How do you beat the scaredy pants game show on game show island?

Do all the things it says to do. (Example: when it says "seperate the tarantulas, snakes, and mice", put each one in it's correctly labled bin.)

How to Beat Iron Man the Game?

Want to know how to beat Iron man on the Wii, Ps2 and Xbox360? Well now you can just follow these steps and you will have it beat in just 1 minute, and it's 100% real!