Can you be sued for unpaid credit cards?

Answer Credit card users who fall behind on payments can get worried about the idea of being sued by the card company. Credit card issuers can, and do, sue to collect on delinquent debts.Unsecured DebtBec... Read More »

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How long are unpaid credit cards collectable?

The statute of limitations on debt varies from state to state, but the usual time frame before a debt is considered a "zombie" debt is seven years. After seven years, the debt falls off your credit... Read More »

If I'm Being Sued for Credit Card Debt, Can My Credit Report Be Used Against Me?

A credit report compiles your payment history into four sections: negative accounts, positive accounts, public records and collections. The information contained in a credit report is vital because... Read More »

The Similarities Between Islamic Credit Cards & Conventional Credit Cards?

The Koran, the holy scripture of Islam, forbids Muslims to charge interest. As with the Hebrew Scriptures, the Koran places lending in the category of charity, and so regards interest as a form of ... Read More »

Are gold credit cards better than regular credit cards?

On One Hand: Regular Cards Accept Lower RatingsRegular credit cards have higher credit limits than secured cards but often not as high as gold cards. Traditionally, you do not need to have as good... Read More »