Can you be spotting after 5 weeks of sex?

Answer yes

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If you've been bleeding for 3 weeks but it's only spotting are you pregnant?

Answer i am in the same situation and im still confused. i took a pregnancy test after my doctor adviced me to do so but i got a negative result..however the beeding did not stop and im wondering i... Read More »

Is it normal to start spotting at 34 weeks pregnant?

No. Bleeding during pregnancy is never normal. You should be checked by your OB/Gyn or go to the nearest Emergency department for evaluation.

Can spotting be a sign of pregnancy two weeks before your period is expected to come?

spotting can be a sign of early pregnancy but not a definite sign sore breasts are anthour early sign i would wait till u are due on and do a pregnancy test then. answer yes its a sign of pregnan... Read More »

Is it normal to have some spotting and not be able to see the heartbeat at six weeks and four days pregnant?

Answer some vaginal bleeding is normal...they cant always see the heartbeat that early in a pregnancy...i would call my doctor and ask any questions you have... it just may be to early for them to... Read More »