Can you be pregnant without knowing it?

Answer Being Pregnant Yes you can. A few women continue to have periods while pregnant, or may have irregular periods anyway and not realise they are pregnant, especially very young women, women approach... Read More »

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How long can a woman be pregnant without knowing that she is pregnant?

Answer Some women may go into labour at term without realising they are pregnant.This may be because they are already obese and the pregnancy does not make much difference to their size, or they ma... Read More »

Can one go on labor without knowing they are pregnant?

What is a more efective way of getting pregnant without your boyfriend knowing?

Try some sperm that doesn't come from his lazy a ss gonads. Then you wont have to tell him he's gonna be a daddy.Because it wont be his.

If you have gallbladder surgery not knowing you are pregnant should you be concerned?

Answer maybe a little. Just keep in touch with your doctor and make sure you both monitor the pregnancy closely.