Can you be pregnant if your period is 2-3 days late?

Answer If you have had unprotected sex and your period is late then of course you could possibly be pregnant. I advise taking a pregnancy test if it does not start soon. You can have one done for free at ... Read More »

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Your sixteen years old and had sex a month ago then a late light period afterwards. you got a pregnancy test that came up negative.Your period is already six days late this month are you pregnant?

Answer not necessarily. So women get late periods even if they aren't pregnent. it's best to retry the pregnancy test several times. and if you still aren't sure. see a doctor.

What are your chances of bein pregnant if my period is 2 days late and im having cramps like im on my period but im not?

Is it possible you are pregnant if your period is 6 days late?

Answer if your menstrual cycle is regular,then you should go see a doctor or just wait a week or so. Answer Yes, that is probably the first sign of pregnancy. But I should also note that birth cont... Read More »

Period like cramping 7 days after conception creamy mucus period is 4 days late however done 2 at home tests came up negative Could you still be pregnant?

Answer My pregnancy tests did not show positive until 3 days after my period was due. I also had slight cramping like the start of a period for the next two weeks. At 6 weeks my cramps suddenly ... Read More »