Can you be pregnant if you just lost your viginity and missed 1 period?

Answer Answer Yes, you can get pregnant from having sex only one time. Take a pregnancy test 5 weeks after the date of conception.

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You missed your period and you just started taking the pill last week and you should have got it then you have been more tired with back pains If i am pregnant could the pill hurt the baby?

Answer Firstly back pain is not a usual early pregnancy symptom. If you are pregnant, taking the pill will not harm the baby in any way. When you first start taking the pill, you should wait unt... Read More »

If you missed your period for twelve days and your nipples are sore can you be pregnant?

Answer Yes, you could be pregnant, but you could also be about to start your period. It's been my experience that emotional upset, or drastic change in my life can throw my usually regular period ... Read More »

If you had sex and the day after you missed your period does it mean your pregnant?

If you're 17 you've missed your period and your breasts are sore can you be pregnant and if so now what?

AnswerIt is possible so you should start thinking aout what to do if you are. I beg you please don't consider an abortion that is a child's life. If you don't think you can raise a child then maybe... Read More »