Can you be pregnant and still ovulate?

Answer No, once you become pregnant your body no longer releases an egg because the one before has been fertilized. It you could still ovulate it would cause you to have a period.

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If you are pregnant do you still ovulate?

AnswerHi No once pregnant You can't ovulate. Your body automatically creates a hold on future eggs being released during pregnancy.Actually many women who are in their 30's have been pregnant and 4... Read More »

Can one be pregnant and still ovulate in first trimester?

Answer No, unless you are one of the 1% that still has periods for part or all of the pregnancy. But that is very, very rare. If you are still having periods, go with not pregnant. If you are no... Read More »

Is it possible to be pregnant and still ovulate during the 1st trimester of your pregnancy?

Yes, some women have been known to have their period during the whole pregnancy. This is why, they are so surprised when they go into labor. They believe the old wives's tales about, no periods & b... Read More »

Do you ovulate when you are pregnant?

Ovulation During PregnancyNo, ovulation stops during pregnancy. At least it's supposed to, there have been a few cases of people getting pregnant a second time during pregnancy, but experts agree i... Read More »