Can you be pregnant and still feel cramps around your waist and abdomen?

Answer yes

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If you are pregnant will you still get cramps around the time your period is due?

%DETAILS% Answer Sore breasts and cramps are both common in the early stages of pregnancy, so if you are in doubt, get a pregnancy test, it's the only way to know for sure, and its not reliable unt... Read More »

If you think you are pregnant would you still get cramps like your period was coming around the same time it would come if you were not pregnant?

AnswerCramps, from minor period cramps to severe cramps that make you run to the bathroom constantly, just POSITIVE you have started your period, are very normal! I have three healthy children. Eve... Read More »

Is it normal to have a pain at the waist not abdomen when pregnant?

Answer yes, it is a sign and is normal for you to have pain in the lower waist,particularly on the lower left side. I had the same problem, and when I went to see my OB/Gyn I was 4 weeks pregnant.S... Read More »

When you first get pregnant does the bottom of your stomach feel like your having period cramps?

Mine sure did. It felt like i was getting ready to have the Period From Hell.