Can you be insured if you are legally blind but still own the car?

Answer Answer Yes, I know of just such a case.

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Being legally blind and how to live with it?

Well, it is different for different people. For a sighted person who losses their eye sight, they go through a bereavement process, at first they may go into denial, like this can't be happening to... Read More »

A friend that is legally blind on one eye....?

My daughter is also blind in one eye and has been since birth (she's 12 now) - There is no such thing as an eye transplant. There are too many nerves running through the eye for this to work (for n... Read More »

Federal & State Benefits for the Legally Blind?

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, people are deemed legally blind if their vision is 20/200 or lower despite the use of corrective lenses or surgery. Those with severe tunnel vision and... Read More »

Instead of buying auto insurance can an individual legally be self insured for their vehicles and if so how do you do that?

Answer It depends on the state you reside in. If permitted you would need to be bondedby having a certain amount of money "locked" in an account that you would have no access to unless you were to ... Read More »