Can you be held liable for a credit card that you didn't sign for?

Answer On One Hand: Know Your RightsYou are never liable for a credit card that you didn't authorize. When someone uses your name and other information to sign up for a credit card, he is committing ident... Read More »

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If a magnet is held close to a credit card...will the card become un-readable to a scanner?

No. It has to be an AC type of current to degauss the magnetic strip.What you can do is put the credit card in a Microwave oven. But for no more than 10 seconds. It will scramble the information

Are babysitters held liable for sudden infant crib syndrome?

Can i be held liable for injuries sustained on these pest control workers?

No problem, as the sitting magistrate I will find in your favour. The chairman of the company will be found liable and full restitution will be met. Say 2 million and 50 thou to me? As for them spi... Read More »

What is a card that works like a credit card?

Alternatives to a standard credit card include several options that work in similar ways. The Visa and Mastercard companies offer "gift cards" that are pre-paid, and most banks issue debit or ATM c... Read More »