Can you be held liable for a credit card that you didn't sign for?

Answer On One Hand: Know Your RightsYou are never liable for a credit card that you didn't authorize. When someone uses your name and other information to sign up for a credit card, he is committing ident... Read More »

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If a magnet is held close to a credit card...will the card become un-readable to a scanner?

No. It has to be an AC type of current to degauss the magnetic strip.What you can do is put the credit card in a Microwave oven. But for no more than 10 seconds. It will scramble the information

Can i be held liable for injuries sustained on these pest control workers?

No problem, as the sitting magistrate I will find in your favour. The chairman of the company will be found liable and full restitution will be met. Say 2 million and 50 thou to me? As for them spi... Read More »

Are babysitters held liable for sudden infant crib syndrome?

Can a parent be held liable for a 21 year old son involved in a car accident without insurance and living at home for about 6 weeks in between moves?

Answer As long as it wasn't your car involved, you would not be held liable for anything. He is 21. That makes him wholly responsible for his actions.