Can you be forced to sell your condo because of your dog?

Answer Between your question and your clarification in the Discussion area, it's clear that there are differences of opinion and apparent differences of fact involved in your situation. You may be at the... Read More »

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If you are fined 100 for a violation at your condo and you don't pay it because they won't accept your protest can they foreclose on your condo?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.If you were in violation and were given proper notice, and you did not cure the violation, or if you were fined, then, probably, you had... Read More »

Can you over ride Condo bylaws and rent it out because for two years it sat vacant because you could not sell the Condo now you are renting it even though the bylaws say you cannot rent it out?

You can negotiate with the board and ask for a rental exception. You may be required to prove a 'hardship' so that the exception can be granted.It's a better idea to work with the association's off... Read More »

Can a condominium board deny your right to sell your condo and buy it themselves?

AnswerYes. It is common for a Master Deed or Trust of a condominium to reserve the right of first refusal when any owner decides to sell their unit. That means the board must be given first priorit... Read More »

Can your condo association put a lien on your condo if you havent been able to pay your maintenance fees?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: If you are unable to keep up with paying your assessments, it's always a good idea to relay this information to your association management company and work out a ... Read More »