Can you be flat footed in the marines?

Answer On One Hand: Not If It Causes PainIf your flat feet cause pain, you may not be able to join the United States Marines if their doctors think your body cannot handle the stresses of long runs and ma... Read More »

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Can you still join the marines if im flat footed?

Even though you are flat footed you can still join the marines, they just won't let you go into some combat situation because you can't run long distances.

Are flat footed people allowed in the USMC?

from my understanding some people can it all depends of how severe it is The Doctors at MEPS (Military Entry Processing Station) will determine if u are well enough to join the marine corps remembe... Read More »

Are flat footed people allowed in the coastguard?

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Can flat-footed people join the Army?

Flat feet are not an automatic disqualification from joining the Army. Military physicians observing applicants with flat feet must prepare a medical statement in accordance with Army Regulation 40... Read More »