Can you be emancipated from just one of your parents and live with the other one?

Answer AnswerNo, you cannot get emancipated from just one parent. It sounds like maybe what you're wanting to do is live with the non-custodial parent? If so, then that's a custody issue, not an emancipat... Read More »

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Can your 16-year-old girlfriend live with you and your parents if she gets emancipated because she has abusive parents?

Answer Any minor who is granted an emancipation decree is considered a legal adult for most purposes and can therefore live where they so choose. Emancipation does not change the state's legal age ... Read More »

If you do not live with your biological parents but live with a legal guardian and are about to be legally adopted can you be emancipated from your biological parents?

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. But, if you live in the US... If you're about to be legally adopted, then your biological parents parental rights will be terminated (and your adoptive pa... Read More »

Im 16 how do you get emancipated if your parents wont let you live on your own?

If they won't let you live on your own, it stands to reason that they aren't going to approve your emancipation. You will have to convince the court (if emancipation is allowed in your state) that ... Read More »

If you're only 14 and live in Calgary can you get emancipated if you move out with two other people who are going to be emancipated?

Answer I would answer to that question maybe, but most likely not. In Alberta, you can legally leave home at age sixteen. In Ontario, you can withdraw from consent at sixteen, or live with anothe... Read More »