Can you be eight months pregnant and have clear slimy discharge?

Answer yes, this is very normal. I had it with both my pregnancies. I had two very healthy babies. I believe it is the beginning of the mucous plug being dislodged.

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What does it mean if your two months late with period and have clear slimy discharge and sometimes white lumpy discharge and pregnancy test is negative?

Is it normal to have a clear odorless discharge at four months pregnant?

I am 6 months pregnant and have had a lot of clear thin discharge with a bad odor so much that I have to change my panties 2-3 times a day is this normal?

Answer It is normal to have lots of clear & 'creamy' discharge, to the point where you have to change your underwear, but it shouldn't have a bad odour. You may have an infection brewing, get it c... Read More »

Does a clear slimy discharge mean pregnancy?

Answer you might have an STI i suggest you visit your nearest genito-urinary clinic for a checkup ASAP Answer thats also a sign of ovulation