Can you be buried with money in your casket?

Answer While not publicized (to prevent people from digging up graves) one can be buried with money in a casket. It may be wiser to put the money in a bank account, write a check for the amount and be bur... Read More »

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Can you make your own casket in texas?

Texas law does allow for your casket to be homemade, according to the Statesman site. If you intend to build your own coffin, check with the cemetery you have selected to see if it uses pre-cast ce... Read More »

If your 54-inch above-ground pool was buried 2 to 3 feet in ground should you back fill with dirt or gravel?

Answer We have a 52"deep 24'round above ground pool that is sunk about 1'deep. The installer, a man with 30+ years experience with these pools, said to always use sand, or at least clean dirt. Th... Read More »

Is cremation less expensive than a traditional burial with a casket?

Cremation is typically less expensive than a traditional burial with a casket. However, costs vary depending on what other services accompany the cremation. Those who choose cremation over burial a... Read More »

BURIALS`is it True`you can Get`Buried`in your Own`BACKYARD`if you Own YOUR Own`HOUSE?

You can but you need a permit. There are many rules you must follow. When considering a private land burial the following information should be noted:· If you own the land concerned, you mu... Read More »