Can you be bloated at 1 month pregnant?

Answer You can be bloated anytime in your pregnancy! Some women don't even show until month 5 while others will start to show in just month 1. So It totally depends. Showing early isn't a bad thing, apart... Read More »

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Can you suck in a bloated stomach while you are a month pregnant?

Yes, you wont even show at ALL by then, youll bet a tiny bump at two months.

How can your 6 month pregnant wife get some relief of heavily bloated belly by passing some gas?

Answer she could try sipping pepermint water in hot water, or (don't laugh it works) get down on her knees and elbows with her bottom in the air. Gas rises.

Could I be pregnant if my last period was about a month and a half to two months ago have cramping my breasts hurt I'm bloated it feels really hard my stomach hurts i feel sick n im tired?

If girl had unprotected sex from the 12th up to 19th of the month and period normally comes on 29th of the month then she could get pregnant on that month?