Can you be arrested for leaving your children with their mother?

Answer If you have sole legal guardianship/custody of them and the mother has none and you just drop the kids off with her and leave them there and never call or come back to pick them up that's child aba... Read More »

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If a 17-year-old moves out of their mother's house into their father's can the mother force them to come back and would the father be arrested?

Answer I can well understand this custody business is very hard on you. No one likes to see their parents split up. I suggest that you get both your parents together and discuss this. There is m... Read More »

Can your 12-year-old son go to court in Florida and explain that he wants to live with his father now that his mother is remarried and has other children and he is uncomfortable in their home?

Answer He can if his father files a motion to amend custody agreement and the court wanst to take his wishes into consideration.

Can you get full custody of your 3 children if they have lived with you for 2 years without seeing their mother and now she wants custody and she lives in NC and you live in OH or how would joint work?

Answer When your ex stopped seeing the children is when you should have gotten full custody of the children. It depends on the judge. Some judges believe it's important to have both mother and fath... Read More »

Is it child abandonment if mother moves to a different state and children are with their father?

If there is joint custody and the mother of the children has moved to a different state regarding better employment then no, it is not child abandonment even though she should have discussed this w... Read More »