Can you be around your dog when they are giving birth?

Answer you should always be wit them just to make sure that nothing goes wrong. makesure the pups sack is off and they re crying and feeding. and that the mother is licking and cleaning them. just make su... Read More »

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Did you cry when you first saw your baby after giving birth?

I bawled uncontrollably through tears, my sister in law was too terrified to cry or speak, and my best friend was too exhausted and had to be helped to even hold her little one.The reasons for the ... Read More »

Can you have your period when your giving birth?

Usually no, I'm not sure if its impossible, I mean, maybe in a rare case. But usually no, your periods late when your pregnant.

Why would you start getting a red itchy rash on your finger when you put on your platinum ring after giving birth?

AnswerMisty- Please contact me. I have the SAME exact thing happening to me!! I gave birth in April 2004 and it is now 8 months later and I get a terrible rash with my platinum rings all the time n... Read More »

What did they not tell you about giving birth?

That the drugs they give you besides an epidural to ease the pain do nothing but make you feel high but high in pain lol. I also didn't realize how annoying the coaching PUSH PUSH can get lol.