Can you be adopted after you run away without your real parents knowing?

Answer When adoption occur the family adopting you will get checked out in detail and so will the child's past. To get adopted the biological parents have to sign a form to let you go. if they are not sui... Read More »

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How can an adopted 17-year-old find their biological parents without anyone knowing?

RESEARCHED ANSWER Before I give you the added information to help locate your biological parents there are certain things you should know. Congress is trying to pass a bill so adoptive records ar... Read More »

Does real parents have to rights to the adopted children?

No. The point of the adoption process is to transfer parental rights.

Should adopted kids contact their real parents?

How many adopted children go back with their real parents?

"Real" parents are the parents who love and care for a child. So, adoptive parents are a child's real parents. If you are talking about returning to birth parents, this rarely happens. There are ma... Read More »