Can you be a veterinarian and still eat meat?

Answer Believe it or not, quite a few veterinarians eat meat! It is a bit ironic, but it is common. It is hypocritical, but then again some other people who eat animals:Environmentalist (yep it is bad for... Read More »

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Meat thermometer says meat it at the right temperature, but meat is still pink inside?

The meat is safe to eat once it attains a certain temperature. If you prefer well done meat, cook it longer. The 165 degree rule is for safety.

Does meat flavored sauce have meat in it if not then how do they achieve the meat flavor?

They would be some artificial flavours and could be anything, probably one of those additive numbersDune

How to Become a Veterinarian?

If you love animals and have the dedication to put in years of work -- then congratulations, you might just make it as a veterinarian! Here are a few ideas to help you on your way.

Why do meat eaters always bring up thier teeth when trying to argue that humans are supposed to eat meat?

We do NOT have teeth designed to eat meat. If you want to see teeth designed to eat meat, look at the teeth of a cat or dog. Meat eaters seem to think their teeth are designed to chew meat, but ... Read More »