Can you be a twin if your born 8 months apart?

Answer No. Twins are two embryos fertilized and implanted in the uterus at about the same time, and they come to term at about the same time. They can either be fraternal, i.e. two eggs and two sperm, or ... Read More »

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Your baby girl is 13 months old and was born with a head size of 34.5 cm it is now only 43 cm your doctor is concerned what can this mean?

Head circumference has to be correlated with body weight. If the two do not correspond on a centile chart then we need to consider microcephaly. The development of the child needs to be taken into ... Read More »

If your boyfriend leaves you two months before the baby is born how do you make sure you have full custody?

Answer Unless your boyfriend signs over all of his rights as the father of your child (even if he didn't sign the birth certificate), he still has rights to the child. My boyfriend left me at the ... Read More »

Is it normal for your iugr baby born 4lbs at 37 weeks still be a incredibly small 10lbs at 9 months?

I'm sorry i don't have an answer, but my 3 month old does the same thing! i will get back if i find anymore info!

Are twin born at the same time?

No, they are born one after another, usually within a few minutes of each other.