Can you be a 17 year old runaway in Nevada and be legal in Michigan?

Answer No. You are a runaway in all states since at 17 you are a minor. There is no difference between states.

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Can you bring home 17 year old Michigan across the state lines legally that is being forced to stay with relatives in Kentucky because of different runaway states laws take precedence?

I think that would depend on what your relationship is - are you the parent?

Is it legal to marry a twenty-two year old male if I'm pregnant with his unborn baby at the age of seventeen in the state of Michigan?

How many teens runaway each year?

I feel that abortion is considered murder. When the sperm hits the egg, a child, a baby, a human is concived. By having an abortion, you are killing that living, breathing, baby that is growing ins... Read More »

Is it illegal to take in a 16-year-old runaway who needs help?

Helping a Runaway Teen It could be, unless the parents are notified and permission is given for the minor to reside at the person's home. If there is a problem with abuse or neglect the police shou... Read More »