Can you bath the baby after circumcision?

Answer No,because the baby may not be fully devopled

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Baby threw up after circumcision?

Most likely a reaction to the anesthesia, people of all ages feel sick after having it. Depending on how old he is you can give him a little bit of pedialyte, otherwise feed him again in an hour or... Read More »

Circumcision, is it hard to find a doctor these days who would be willing to do a circumcision?

I hope it's hard and that saves him from a bad procedure that many males, including myself, resent deeply. I suspect you are in Canada and while it might not be as hard to get it done there as in A... Read More »

Why is female circumcision such an atrocity and male circumcision still ok Both are genital mutilation.?

Few people really realize how mutilating BOTH circumcision of male and female are.First of all, for those misinformed individuals, male circumcision is much more mutilating, as it removes half of t... Read More »

Do you think its wrong that parents choose to mutilate their baby boys penis's with circumcision?

There is no way that I would have this done to my son. If he chooses later in life to do it, so be it. If it aint broke I aint gonna fix it. I also would not have his appendix removed, or his to... Read More »