Can you bake a jicama?

Answer It can be cooked in any way a potato can. Since it has a mild taste, it will absorb flavors, pretty much like a potato does, and so it is a great option for stews and soups.From"Jicama... Read More »

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How to Buy Jicama?

Jicama is a root vegetable that is native to Mexico. It has a thick brown skin that resembles a potato's, and is shaped like a large turnip. The interior of the jicama root is crisp and white. Its ... Read More »

How to Peel Jicama?

Jicama is a relative of the potato family that resembles a large radish. Raw jicama tastes similar to a pear or a mild-tasting apple and is a staple of Latin American cuisine.

How to Prepare a Jicama?

Pachyrhizus erosus, or jicama, is a plant and vine that is indigenous to Mexico. Only the root of the plant is edible; other portions are poisonous. The jicama root resembles a large light-brown co... Read More »

How to Properly Eat a Jicama?

OK, you bought that jicama at the store and don't know what to do with it. If you were smart, you bought some limes too.