Can you bake Stove Top Stuffing?

Answer If you first prepare Stove Top Stuffing Mix on the stove, according to the directions on the box, you can then bake it with whatever food you are making. This isn't necessary because the stuffing a... Read More »

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Who makes Stove Top stuffing?

Stove Top stuffing is made by the Kraft Corp., and comes in a variety of flavors to complement any meal. Kraft owns many other food brands, including Oscar Meyer, Maxwell House and Nabisco.Referenc... Read More »

How much water do I add to Stove Top Stuffing?

When making a 6-oz. package of Stove Top Stuffing, you will use 1 2/3 cups of water and 1/2 stick of butter. You boil the water and butter, stir in the stuffing and mix.Source:Kraft Foods: Stove To... Read More »

Does Stove Top stuffing contain sulfites?

According to the manufacturer, information about the presence of sulfites is disclosed on the ingredients label. Homestyle herb and chicken flavors do contain sulfites. However, the traditional sag... Read More »

When was Stove Top stuffing invented?

Stove Top stuffing was invented in 1975 by Ruth Siens who passed away in 2005 at the age of 74. Until Siens' invention hit shelves, most Americans made their stuffing inside a turkey.Source:NPR: Ru... Read More »