Can you attach batting together in a quilt?

Answer If you don't have a piece of batting large enough for your quilt, you can attach multiple pieces together. Overlap the edges of the batting pieces you want to attach, cut a wavy line along the over... Read More »

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What is quilt batting?

Quilt batting, also known as quilt padding or quilt wadding, is the thick material that fills the middle of a quilt. The batting height, or loft, determines how much warmth it gives.TypesQuilt batt... Read More »

How do I attach two umbrella strollers together?

Place two of the same tube frame strollers side by side. Take three stroller connectors and pull them apart so that you have six halves. Take one pair of halves and use them to connect the two stro... Read More »

How many soaker hoses can you attach together?

Attach soaker hoses together to a maximum length of 100 feet. Soaker hoses are made in various lengths screwed together to create runs. Any run longer than 100 feet is not recommended, because the ... Read More »

Ironing, Washing up or Putting a king size quilt cover on a quilt?

All of the above + vaccuuming, dusting, cooking, cleaning.....That's why I'm on Yahoo Answers and not doing my housework!!