Can you attach a hard drive to a camcorder that only uses tapes?

Answer Can you? Yes. If it is a "dumb" hard drive normally meant for computers, nothing will happen, but you can attach it. I don't know why you would do that.If you want video to record to the hard drive... Read More »

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Can a SATA hard drive attach as slave to IDE hard drive?

No. It's a totally different interface.(Some motherboards will support both IDE and SATA hard drives. But it's not a master / slave relationship.)

How to Attach an External Hard Drive to a Network?

External hard drives provide additional storage space with an enclosed external device attached to a computer via a USB (or other) connector cable. External hard drives may hold several hundred gig... Read More »

What is a hard drive camcorder?

A hard drive camcorder is a video recording device that stores video and audio clips on a compact hard drive. The footage you shoot can be viewed on the camcorder or moved to a computer for video e... Read More »

What is a hard disk drive camcorder?

Hard disks are usually only associated with computer storage, but as technology improves, camcorder tapes are becoming obsolete and being replaced with hard disk drives. The camcorders have many be... Read More »